PM to chair central region economic development conference next week
The Prime Minister will chair a central region economic development conference on August 20 to propose measures for sustainable development in the central region, including the central key economic region, the Vietnam Government Portal (VGP) reported.
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Bamboo Airways gets ATO certificate for aviation staff training

Bamboo Airways has been granted an Approved Training Organizations (ATO) certificate, allowing the carrier to provide aviation staff training.Go »
Gov't to organize conference on Central Region economic development

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)’s proposal to organize a conference on the Central Region's economic development in Binh Dinh province.Go »
Phu Cat Airport to serve int'l flights from Sept

The national flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines, is expected to offer the route from Phu Cat Airport to China with 4 flights per week, while Bamboo Airways also planned to provide a flight from Binh Dinh to South Korea’s capital city of Seoul.Go »
10 mln kWh of power generated by Fujiwara to national grid

The solar power plant Fujiwara has generated a total of 10 million kWh of power to the national grid, after one month of operationGo »
Fishing co-operatives required for more sustainable catch

Binh Dinh’s Vice Chairman Tran Chau asked Hoai Nhon district’s authorities to study an initiative of setting up fishing co-opertives, aiming to offer a more sustainable catch.Go »
Section of SJC2 cable to be built in Quy Nhon

The Southeast Asia Japan 2 cable (SJC2) project, which spans 10,500km, is expected to be completed by end of 2020.Go »
Construction of FLC’s aviation centre launched

Bamboo Airways, whose parent company is the real estate developer FLC Group, July 28 launched the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of an aviation training centre in the central province of Binh Dinh.Go »
FPT University’s AI branch to be built in Quy Nhon

FPT University will built an artificial intelligence dedicated branch in Quy Nhon City, with the total investment capital of 694 billion VND.Go »
More than 1,200 farms hit by African swine fever in Binh Dinh

9 out of 11 districts, towns and cities in the central province of Binh Dinh have been hit by African swine fever, affecting more than 1,200 small household farms.Go »
Binh Dinh to fully support cooperation in chicken farming

Three companies, including Sasso, De Heus, and Minh Du discussed an agreement on building a chicken farm for export in the central province of Binh Dinh.Go »
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