Meaningful gifts for tourism festival welcoming Year of Rooster 2017
Tourism Festival welcoming Lunar New Year of Rooster 2017 will be held from the 3rd to the 5th of Lunar New Year of Rooster with many plentiful and attractive activities.
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Invitation to photo & video contest

Aiming to promote Binh Dinh tourism, Binh Dinh Newspaper launches a photo & video contest with theme "My Quynhon".Go »
FLC Group opens new 18-hole golf course in Quy Nhon

The inauguration ceremony of FLC Group's new 18-hole golf course and a golf course training center were held on the evening of January 14 in Nhon Ly Commune, Quy Nhon City.Go »
Exploit cultural culinary values to build Quy Nhon's tourism brand

On 20th December, a seminar on taking advantages of cultural culinary values to build Quy Nhon's tourism brand was held by Binh Dinh Institute for Socio - Economic Development Studies.Go »
Tourism to be developed as important sector of Binh Dinh's economy

Binh Dinh Provincial Party Committee has just created an action plan on tourism development in Binh Dinh during 2016-2020, with target of developing the tourism as an important sector of the province's economy.Go »
Casa Marina Island Resort and Bai Xep International Marine Resort: Promising project

Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee has just approved feasibility study on establishment of Casa Marina Island Resort at two islets of Hon Dat and Hon Ngang in Quy Nhon city and Bai Xep International Marine Resort by Truong Thanh Quy Nhon Joint Stock Co., says Investment Promotion Centre under Binh Dinh Provincial Department of Planning & Investment.Go »
Suprising beauty in Nhon Hai during green-moss season

Between January and February (Lunar calendar), Nhon Hai beach appears impressive with green sea, red-brown rock banks and green moss that allures for tourists.Go »
Good impression on community-based tourism at Bai Xep beach

Bai Xep beach locates at ward 1, Genh Rang district, Quy Nhon city. It is just 10km away from inner Quy Nhon city, along 1D Highway and surrounded by sea and mountain. It is Bai Xep beach, not the inner Quy Nhon that attracts the most foreign tourists in Binh Dinh, because it still keeps peaceful traits of a traditional fishing village.Go »
Field survey on tourism potentials at An Lao district

In the last two days (29th and 30th September), a team led by Mr. Nguyen Minh Doan, Director of Binh Dinh Provincial Department of Culture-Sports and Tourism conducted a field survey trip at An Lao district to investigate the locality's tourism potentials and make a plan of its tourism development.Go »
Cơm nieu Hoi An - Quy Nhon Restaurant wins best customer service award

On occasion of 56th anniversary of Vietnam Tourism (9th July, 1960 - 9th July, 2016), Vietnamese National Administration of Tourism and Vietnam Tourism Association honored Vietnam Tourism Award winners in 2016. Among 105 winners this year, only one is from Binh Dinh - Com nieu Hoi An-Quy Nhon Restaurant.Go »
Picturesque cliffs in Quy Nhon

Visiting Binh Dinh during the summer holiday, visitors have an opportunity to explore natural cliffs of diversified shapes along the beautiful coast of Quy Nhon city.Go »
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