New partners, new markets for Binh Dinh’s tourism

Binh Dinh’s representatives and Lao partners talked about cooperation potential in the tourism development, including new package between Laos and Quynhon and services for tourists.Go »
Eco-friendly coffee shops in city

Some coffee shops in the city have followed the trend by replacing single-use plastic straws with paper or eco-friendly materials.Go »
City dwellers’ hospitality valuable asset for tourism development: Prof. Milne

“Unlike many cities where I have visited, everyone living in Quy Nhon always showed their friendliness with me, which is a valuable assest for the tourism development,” said Prof. Simon Milne, a lecturer of Auckland University of Technology.Go »
Unique features in Nhon Ly potential for tourism development

The fact that the community space and special architecture of a fishing village live in harmony is unique features in Nhon Ly, which may attract many tourists to come to experience, according to New Zealand Tourism Research Institute’s director Simon Milne.Go »
Staff trained for building tourism products

A training course providing the knowledge of building tourism products was held in Quy Nhon on September 23.Go »
Binh Dinh sees huge potential in wellness tourism

Traveling to places where there are beaches to relax and enjoy fresh air has been a popular trend, making the coastal city of Quy Nhon become an attractive destination.Go »
Tourism electric vehicles required stricter regulations

While the operation of electric vehicles for tourism in Quy Nhon city has gained encouraging outcomes in the past 6 months, they have also faced some problems that needs regulating.Go »
“Exploring ocean”

Tourists coming to Ky Co island located in the central province of Binh Dinh have an opportunity to experience various services, including the coral sea diving.Go »
Dawn in Cat Tien

I was born in Binh Dinh, a southern central province of Vietnam. My hometown is Cat Tien, a coastal commune of Phu My district. However, I have never seen the dawn in Cat Tien.Go »
Visiting Quy Nhon theme street in Seoul’s Itaewon

The street is located at Bogwang-ro 59-gil in Itaewon. A "Quy Nhon Garden" was also constructed at a small lot near the street, and a graffiti wall designed jointly by Yongsan and Quy Nhon was erected.Go »
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