Ten thousand people visit Ong Nui pagoda festival
On the morning of February 20, (24th in the first month of the lunar calendar), ten thousand tourers from all over the country came Ong Nui (also called Linh Phong) pagoda located in Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district.
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Primary school Cat Hung students eager for reading day

On February 13, an event of reading day took place at Primary school Cat Hung. The event was co-held by Rom to Read, a leading non-profit focused on girls' education and children's literacy in Asia and Africa, and Binh Dinh Provincial Department of Education & Training, Phu Cat district Office of Education & Training.Go »
Sword dance procession leader at Whale Worshiping Festival

Sword dance procession leader at Cau Ngu (Whale Worshiping) Festival is responsible of directing sacred dance which shows fishermen’s gratitude to Whale God with hope for good luck when go fishing and prosperity for entire fishing village.Go »
Via Ba festival

The Via Ba Festival was held in Liem Dinh hamlet, Nhon Phong commune, An Nhon town on the February 13 or the 17th days of the first lunar month.Go »
Binh Dinh’s fellow-countrymen gathering held in HCMC

Binh Dinh’s Association of fellow-countrymen on the afternoon of February 11 held its fourth meeting at the Farmers' Market in the 10 District of Ho Chi Minh City, attracting participation of many officials and Binh Dinh's fellow-countrymen.Go »
Hoai Nhon hold celebration of 445 anniversary of Dao Duy Tu’s birth

The 445th birth anniversary of cultural celebrity Dao Duy Tu (1572 - 2017) was held at Dao Duy Tu relic temple in the Ngoc Son Bac hamlet, Hoai Tay commune, Hoai Nhon District on the morning of February 11.Go »
Binh Dinh celebrates National Poetry Day

Poem recital and artistic activities were performed at the 15th Vietnamese Poetry Day on the evening of February 11 or the 15th day of the first lunar month at Thap Doi (Twin Tower Group) in Dong Da ward, Quy Nhon city.Go »
The 15th Vietnam Poetry Day at Binh Dinh themed "Spring in my hometown"

The 15th Vietnam Poetry Day themed "Spring in my hometown" will take place at Twin Cham Quy Nhon towers, in late Saturday afternoon (February 10) and the whole Sunday (February 11), which falls on the 14th and the 15th day of the first lunar month.Go »
4th festive day of Binh Dinh people in Ho Chi Minh city 2017

The fourth festive day of Binh Dinh people in Ho Chi Minh city 2017 with theme "Proud of being Binh Dinh-born people" will open at 3pm, Saturday, February 12, 2017 at Ho Chi Minh City Flea Market of Safe Agricultural Products. The event will have many interesting activities and will last to February 12.Go »
Nhon Hai fishermen organize Ching Ming (Tomb-Sweeping) Festival

Fishermen at Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon city are observing Ching Minh (Tomb-Sweeping) Festival between 7 and 11 February (or between the 11th to 15th day of Lunar Year).Go »
Spring at the land of classical drama and bai choi singing

In Binh Dinh, the cradle of hat boi (classical drama) and bai choi singing, two kinds of folk art is indispensable on occasion of Vietnamese traditional Tet Festival. It is hobbies of many local people to watch hat boi and bai choi singing. Professional and amateur troupes of hat boi and bai choi singing have had very tight schedule of shows to satisfy the needs of enjoying the folk art.Go »
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