Many labour export orders available at the very beginning of the new year

At the very beginning of the year 2015, through the Binh Dinh Job Centre and the Binh Dinh Job & Job Training for the Youth, many labour export enterprises in Binh Dinh Province needs to recruit a large number of labourers for markets of Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, etc.

Many labourers who came back home on time after working in South Korea have been participating training courses to work for new South Korean businesses.

Particularly, Japan's labour market need to recruit more than 400 male and female labourers in industries of electronic assembly, industrial garment, mechanics, welding, turner, plating, plastic injection molding, maintenance, painting, aquatic product processing, animal husbandry, construction, etc. All of the labourers are expected to have successful completion of 12 grade or above; those have vocational training certificates and can speak general Japanese will come high on the list of priorities. Fees for the labour export to this market will fluctuate from VND 90 millions to VND 120 millions, depending on the industries. Wages will range from VND 20 millions to VND 30 millions per month. Duration of employment is 3 years. At the end of the employment duration, the labourers will enjoy insurance benefits for foreign apprentices as in Japanese law.

South Korea's labour market needs to recruit 50 male engineers who have graduated in engineering, machinery manufacturing at universities; have at least 2 years of experience; can use software of Mastercam, Artcam, Proengine, Autocad-3D, Cad/Cam/CNC. This market also wants to recruit 50 male technicians who have graduated in ship building, machinery manufacturing, ship repair. Those can speak general Korean will come high on the list of priorities. Wages will range from VND 25 millions to VND 50 millions per month, depending on positions and capacities of the labourers. Duration of employment is 3 years, with extension to 10 years. The labourers may act as guarantees for their spouses to South Korea after 2 years of working.

The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia need to recruit 100 labourers each while Malaysia needs 200 labourers.

" The Binh Dinh Job & Job Training for the Youth mainly equips the labourers with information about the Japan's labour market because of its high and stable incomes. Meanwhile, the centre also provide Japanese language training service for those who want to work in Japan" - said Mr. Le Nam Long, Vice Director of the Binh Dinh Job & Job Training for the Youth.

By Nguyen Phuc 

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