New measures to shorten procedure time at Binh Dinh General Hospital

Binh Dinh General Hospital has recently applied measures to shorten procedure time of medical examination, such as increase of reception desks, fee collection desks and medical examination tables. Outpatient Department of the hospital, for example, has 23 medical exam tables, 3 tables higher than the beginning of the year 2014. If any exam unit are overcrowded, it will be assigned more personnel or added exam tables to solve the overcrowding.

Pediatric exam tables at the Outpatient Department, Binh Dinh General Hospital.

The hospital also sets up 4 more fee collection desk, making the total number of the desks 10, for sake of faster fee payment procedure. Meanwhile, the hospital places 5 reception desks together with personnel at the Outpatient Department to guide patients to places of medical exams and tests.

As a result, average waiting time of the patients who takes simple clinical exams at the hospital is 62 minutes while target patient wait time as in the Guidance of Medical Examination Procedure at Outpatient Department by Ministry of Health is less than 2 hours.



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