Prof. Jerome Friedman gives seminar on "Road to quarks and farther"

As part of program "11th Meeting Vietnam" in summer 2015, on Tuesday afternoon (28 July), at Binh Dinh Provincial Cultural Centre, Professor Jerome Friedman - one of the Physics Nobel Laureates in 1990 - gave a seminar talk on "Road to quarks and farther" in front of audiences including students, researchers and science lovers.


Permanent Deputy Secretary of Binh Dinh Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Thanh Tung; Vice Chairwoman of Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee Tran Thi Thu Ha; President of Rencontre du Vietnam (Meet Vietnam), Professor Tran Thanh Van; Member of the Rencontre du Vietnam, Professor Le Kim Ngoc attended the event co-organized by the Vietnam Youth Federation in Binh Dinh, the Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) in Binh Dinh, the Vietnamese Student Association in Binh Dinh and the International Center of Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE).

At the seminar, Prof. Jerome Friedman shared about his road of looking for and giving experimental evidence that protons had an internal structure, later known to be quarks. This discovery changed concepts about basic structure of matter and led to a theory of strong interaction called quantum chromodynamics (QCD). With the great discovery, Prof. Jerome Friedman was awarded 1990 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Prof. Jerome Friedman answered questions from young audiences and science lovers about his road of discovering the quarks, force between them, relationship between quarks and Higs particle - an elementary particle in the standard model of particle physics and one of bosons, application of the quarks in real life, impacts of the standard model on pre-existing research theories in the field of particle physics.

Knowing about the standard model based on the discovery of the quarks had been important and the most successful result of the basic particle physics, said Mr. Friedman. However, it would be necessary to have more studies about mysteries inside the particles and application of the quarks into life as well. "The studies is waiting for young generations like you" - said Mr. Friedman to the audience.

By Thu Hien

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