Vietnam to hold 2-in-1 exam for 12th graders next June

The Ministry of Education and Training has announced 12th graders will sit just one examination for both high school graduation and university enrolment next June, instead of two separate examinations as at present. 

The ministry said the plan for the new high school exam would apply from 2015. As scheduled, the annual national exam will be organized in mid-June, with the first such exam to start on June 9-12, 2015.

Xin vui lòng chú thích hình ảnh ở đây...

To graduate from high school and get admitted into college or university, students of grade 12 will have to take a test on each of mathematics, literature and foreign language and one elective which is either physics, chemistry, biology, history or geography.

In addition to the four tests, students will be able to take more tests of other subjects to have greater chance of being admitted into their preferred universities or colleges.

Those who graduated from high schools in previous years just take tests on the subjects needed to gain admission into a certain university.

Students who do not study foreign languages at high school can pick any of the electives as an alternative for testing. Those holding foreign language proficiency certificates recognized by the ministry will be exempted from the test on foreign language.

The education departments in provinces and cities use the test results of the four subjects and the academic records of 12th graders to issue high school diplomas.

By January 1 every year, universities, colleges and academies will be required to announce their admission requirements and methods to use the national exam results to enroll students.

Minh Duc (Saigon Times)  

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