Malnutrition rate among children under 5 significantly reduces

In 2016, 108,713 over 109,350 (or 99.42%) children under 5 years old in Binh Dinh were measured of weight and height as part of a project on improving nutrition among children in the province in 2016, said Binh Dinh Provincial Department of Health. The survey found that 12,093 (or 11.1%) children were malnourished, 1.2% lower than previous year. 614 (or 0.5%) children out of them suffered severe malnutrition.

18,657 (or 17.1%) children all over the province were stunted, 2.1% lower than the previous year. 942 (0.8%) children out of them were severely stunted.

Though malnutrition rates among children under 5 years old in Binh Dinh have significantly reduced in recent years, they are persistently high in mountainous districts and difficult areas. Average rate of underweight malnutrition (weight/age) among children in three mountainous districts of An Lao, Van Canh and Vinh Thanh is 16.7%; average rate of stunting malnutrition is 23%.

Mai Lam

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