Binh Dinh creates consensus in building new rural areas


The National Targets Program to build new rural areas has been well implemented in Binh Dinh province. Due to good communication campaigns, the program has rallied the active participation of the people and created massive influence in the community.


Building inter-communal roads in An Nhon commune (

The building new rural areas program in Binh Dinh province has been piloted in 4 communes. The province hopes to have 26 communes meeting the new rural criteria by 2015 and 65 or half of all rural communes by 2020.

Visitors to Binh Dinh these days can feel an enthusiasm to improve its rural areas. In My Loc commune, the local authority and people have upgraded inter-hamlet roads to facilitate transportation, in addition to meeting planning and poverty criteria. The people have voluntarily donated land for new roads without demanding compensation. Dang Van Quang has cut many trees to clear land for road construction.

“My family supports the program and encourages my neighbors to donate land to make wider roads. We volunteer to do it. If we ask for compensation, the local authority has no budget to pay.” Quang says.

Hundreds of households in My Hiep and My Chau commune have also given farm land to build infrastructure. Ngo Dinh Ba, Deputy Head of Phu My district’s Agriculture and Rural Development Office, says: “We have many advantages implementing the new rural development program, particularly the people’s agreement and support. Hundreds of households gave land to build infrastructure, others contributed labor and cash.”

The program has spread from the plain to the mountain in Binh Dinh province. In Vinh Thanh district, nearly 22 km of inter-district and inter-hamlet roads were built last year. The people gave land and money to buy construction materials. Le Van Dau is Vice Chairman of Vinh Thanh district’s People’s Committee. “The most difficult part of building a road is the land clearance. But in Vinh Thanh, we had comprehensive communication activities so land clearance was easy. The people volunteered to donate land for roads. Of the 19 new rural criteria, reducing poor households below 5% is the most difficult to achieve.”

The new rural areas development program is breathing new life into Binh Dinh province’s rural areas. The transportation infrastructure, water supply and drainage, schools, and clinics have been upgraded. The people have changed their views and methods of agricultural production. They have applied scientific knowledge and adopted new animals with higher yield and quality to boost production.


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