Water through students’ eyes

by Sao Ly

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) International letter-writing competition 2013 is an interesting playground for thousands of students in Binh Dinh. With the theme “Write someone a letter explaining why water is a precious resource”, this year’s competition ties in with the International Decade for Action “Water for Life” 2005-2015.


Award-winning students are honored

Joining the competition, students showed their thoughts and responsiblity when talking of a current issue.

They shared similar views in emphasizing the importance of water in daily life and production, but their ways of content-building is various.

Writing the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, the 7th-grader Nguyen Ton Nu Ngoc Nhi showed her mature thinking when saying: “Water is limited! Humans are wasting and polluting water partly because they think that water is an endless natural resource. It’s terrible when people are getting used to it and unaware of danger.”

She expected that the minister, as the leader of the sector, would carry out essential measures to protect the water resource.

In her letter sending to Fujiko Fujio, the Japanese author of Doraemon cartoon strip, Nguyen Le Ngoc My, a 6th grader, said that she initially thought water is simply a see-through liquid which her mother often forces her to drink after meals to kill tooth decay baterium. When growing up, she has gradually known the importance of water.

As for Nguyen Thi Yen Non, who won the prize for the youngest competitor, she incarnated the Ruler of Heaven who sent a letter to the “God of Irrigation” to emphasize the element “water first” in agricultural production, bringing a good harvest for farmers.

“The Universal Postal Union (UPU) organizes the International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People annually. The competition was created by the 1969 Tokyo Congress and officially launched in 1971 Since then, millions of young people all over the world, up to age 15, have participated in the competition at national and international levels. The competition is an excellent way of making young people aware of the important role postal services play in our societies, develops their skills in composition and the ability to express their thoughts clearly, fosters their enjoyment of letter writing, and helps strengthen the bonds of international friendship – one of the basic missions of the UPU.” (extracted from upu.int)

Vietnamese students have begun joining the competition since 1987.

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