Dreaming of a bridge for 40 years

BDO- Hundreds of people living at Tan Kieu and Hoa Phong hamlets have faced many difficulties for 40 years due to the lack of a bridge crossing the Con River.


Local students have to use a makeshift wooden bridge to go to school everyday

Because there is no bridge, people living along two rive banks have to go through Nhon Hau commune when they want to go to the center of Nhon My commune. Local students whose schools are located at the commune also have to travel such a long distance or take a risk of crossing a makeshift wooden bridge or Binh Thanh irrigation dam which is only 0.8 metre in width.

Nguyen Thai Huy, a resident living at Hoa Phong hamlet, said there were 4 people died from fall when crossing the dam. Nobody wants to use the dam as a road, but they must cross it in emergency cases.

The lack of a bridge crossing the river has caused not only difficulties in travelling but obstacles for the socio-economic development. The farmers, for example, have to spend a lot of money for transport at harvest time.

According to the commune’s vice chairman Tran Anh Tan, the local authorities can’t afford the construction of a bridge, so local people have to wait for the support from higher authorities.

Source: CAND

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