Apricot gardens in Binh Dinh in full blossom after floods

While the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday is still two months away, many apricot gardens in An Nhon, Binh Dinh Province, have seen apricot blossoms blooming early in the wake of historic floods last month.



The floods destroyed many villages where apricot blossom trees are grown, submerging thousands of them. Many also shed their leaves. The flower growers worry there would be no apriot blossoms left for the holiday.



“Most of 450 pots I’ve grown for Tet had been swept away during the floods, while some of them shed their leaves and already bloomed,” Phan Van Dao, a grower of yellow apricot blossoms in An Nhon town, said.



Tran Thi Lien, another flower grower in Hao Duc hamlet of Nhon An commune, are also experiencing a similar situation when her 300 of 700 flower pots were submerged by rising water.



About 40 percent of 1.800 households across Nhon An have apricot gardens, meeting the nationwide demand for apricot blossoms during the Tet holiday.



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