Binh Dinh tightly controls risk of Covid-19 spread from outside

The central province of Binh Dinh has seen no infection cases of Covid-19 so far, despite the newly cases confirmed in different countries, including South Korea, Japan and Italy.

At the meeting. Photo:

Binh Dinh’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Tuan Thanh on February 26 asked all local relevant bodies to maintain their readiness in the fight against the coronavirus.

The Health Department is required to monitor and timely quarantine those coming from infected regions in the past two weeks. People who have lived in non-infected areas in South Korea will also fill in the health declaration form and their health will be checked regularly.

Thanh also asked other bodies to tightly control and prevent the risk of coronavirus spread from outside, including the remote temperature check for all passengers at the Phu Cat Airport’s domestic terminal.


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