Prof. Umegaki monitors activities for disabled children support

Professor Michio Umegaki and students from Japan’s Keio University on March 8-9 visited My Trinh commune to monitor activities under the project for disabled children carried out in Phu Cat district.

The project focuses on develoing communication skills, social behavior, and self-control awareness for disabled children suspected of being infected with Agent Orange.

It has been implemented since September, 2012 with the participation of professor Micho Umegaki and 10 volunteers who are medical staff and teachers living in the district’s My Trinh commune.

The project is aimed at rehabilitating disabled children, particularly communication skills, helping them integrate into the community.

The project have seen some improvements when some children have been able to communicate with other people without their family’s assistance.

He highly valued the results of the project and promised to mobilize more individuals and organisations to  financially support these children, multiplying the model.


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