ICISE continues to host conference on Hadron physics

Another conference themed “Perspectives on Hadron physics” opened at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) on September 23.

Prof. Jean-Marc Richard is talking about the schedule of the meeting.

59 scientists coming from 19 countries and territories and local students have attended the event lasting until September 28.

According to the information provided on ICISE’s website, a new impulse has been given to the physics of hadrons in recent years, thanks to new results and striking discoveries coming from photo- or electro-production experiments. 

More results are expected to come from the upgrade of some of the above experiments or from new facilities. On the theory side, a dramatic progress has been made possible by the development of lattice simulations, sum rules, and various kinds of effective theories. 

The meeting is aimed to convey experimentalists and theorists to discuss the underlying physics.


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