Local fishermen’s awaress of IUU given special focus

Relevant bodies and local authorities in the central province of Binh Dinh have been asked to remove the EC’s “yellow card” warning.

Fishermen are reminded of following the law when going fishing offshore.

The EC imposed a yellow card warning on Vietnamese seafood for failing to make progress in fighting illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in 2017.

The authorities in Binh Dinh have been trying to meet the EC’s demands by implementing different solutions, such as informing law and regulations to fishermen as the majority of fishermen followed traditional methods and had little awareness of the law.

“We are required to sign an agreement of not violating foreign waters every year,” said fisherment Nguyen Van Khoa. “Our vessels must have all lawful documents to go fishing”.

Binh Dinh’s Hoai Nhon district currently sees nearly 2,300 fishing boats. Most of the fishermen in the district were provided with updated information about IUU and fishing maps.

According to the district’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Chi Cong, the fishermen are the direct beneficiaries of IUU removal. It is thus important to get them know and strictly follow the law. 

“The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development also coordinated to other agencies to fine fisherment who violated the regulation, ensuring that the law will be strictly obeyed,” said the department’s director Phan Trong Ho.


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