First batch of tuna auctioned in Japan

Binh Dinh to get supported in ocean tuna fishing

The first batch of tuna caught by Binh Dinh’s fishermen was auctioned at Osaka-based Auction Center this morning, according to deputy director of  Binh Dinh Agriculture and Rural Development Department Nguyen Huu Hao.

Earlier, the first 10 tuna caught by two fishermen Nguyen Que and La Tinh in Tam Quan Bac Commune in Hoai Nhon District had been exported to Japan.

They were reportedly sold at an average price of 1,200 yen per kilogram (VND240,000). Among them, one tuna was sold at a price of 2,100 yen per kilogram (VND420,000) while another tuna only cost 250 yen per kilogram (VND50,000).

Japanese experts said the quality of the first batch of tuna caught by Binh Dinh fishermen is rather equivalent to those which are available in Japan. Their quality and price will be higher if technologies in tuna fishing and processing are improved.


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