Veteran devotes to preserve traditional fish sauce

Tran Thi Nhu Hoa, a veteran living in Hoai Nhon town, has spent years learning how to make traditional fish sauce. With more than 20 years of building her own brand, Nhu Hoa fish sauce is now consumed nationwide.


Hoa started her business in 1990 when realizing that the raw material is abundant. At first she used traditional methods. While the quality was right, the quantity was not high. Hoa has gradually applied technogical advances to the making of fish sauce.

 “Như Hoa” fish sauce was on the market in 2003, but the mass production of Nhu Hoa fish sauce had not began until 2007.

The factory is producing about 200 litres of fish sauce daily and they are distributed to different provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Hoa was also honoured with many prizes and Nhu Hoa fish sauce was rated 4-star product under the “One Commune One Product” (OCOP) category.


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