Firms seek new markets, await for opportunities post-Covid-19 pandemic

While the economy has been unscathed by the Covid-19 outbreak, many businesses have tried to overcome challenges, seeking new paths for their operation.

Workers are manufacturing seafood for export

Many companies located at the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone either halved their production or stopped temporarily, but Hoa Sen Nhon Hoi one-member Co., Ltd has still operated as usual because it actively prepared for the input sources and sought new markets for export.

The company replaced the EU and the US markets with ASEAN and domestic consumers, Hoa Sen’s Director Truong Tan Dat said. “We also prepared enough goods for exporting to EU and the US as soon as there are recovery signs”.

Mãi Tín (Forever Trust) Food Co., Ltd also followed the same path to maintain their production. According the company’s Vice Director Tran Quoc Viet, the company exported 5 tons of frozen seafood to Japan each day amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Other companies have moved to build infrastructure, preparing for the post-Covid-19 production. Tingco beverage plant had its production line installed at Nhon Hoi EZ, with the plan of operating in May.

Deputy Head of the province’s EZ Management Unit, Phan Viet Hung, said that the enterprises were given timely support to maintain their production and expand new markets.

“Each of them must be active and innovative to keep up with the changes,” Hung stressed.


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