Labour export faces difficulties due to Covid-19

The rate of labourers going to work abroad has decreased amid the Covid-19 outbreak in many countries, requiring the authorities to find solutions to maintain the stability and prepapre for future plans.

Some labourers are practising Japanese together before going to work in Japan.

This year’s labour export quota was raised to 800 from 600 in the previous year, but the target is hard to meet because of the coronavirus. Japan and South Korea, which are the top destinations for Binh Dinh’s workers, currently have many coronavirus-infected cases.

Statistics show that the number of workers joining recruitment sessions also declined, partly because their concern over the epidemic in foreign countries.

“Binh Dinh Jobs and Services Centre has still opened for new registration and recruitment, but the situation is not good,” said the centre’s Director Le Van Nghinh.

The prospect of Binh Dinh Vocational Training Centre is also the same despite the fact that it has many labour export contracts, mainly in Japan where potential workers are expected to earn more than 30 million VND monthly.

Going to work abroad under the labour export contracts has been seen as a path to avoid the poverty in the province. While the situation is not good, many young people still asked for consultation at the centres.

Among 31 people supported by Binh Dinh Jobs and Services Centre, all sought the information and decided to submit the applications by themselves.

“We will implement various solutions to ensure the target of recruiting 150 labourers in 2020,” said the Director of Binh Dinh Vocational Training Centre Tran Huu Hieu.


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