Development of coastal fishing villages requires long-term, sustainable plan

The fishing villages of Nhon Ly, Nhon Hai and Cat Tien have becoming popular tourist destinations, particularly Nhon Ly which was selected to implement a community-based tourism development scheme.

A view of Nhon Ly fishing village.

Binh Dinh Research Institute of Socio-Economic Development in late December held a seminar on solutions to sustainably develop local fishing villages.

According the deputy head of the institute Pham Tan Thanh, 19 villages in Binh Dinh play an important role in the fishery management, nature preservation, the community-based tourism development and security at seas and islands.

“We recommended some specific solutions for aquaculture processing and feeding,” Thanh said. “The solution of community-based tourism also aims at the sustainble development and preservation of cultural value and nature”.

Vice Chairwoman of Cat Tien commune People’s Committee Nguyen Thi Tam said that many tourist services only see short-term benefits, raising the concern for the sustainable development.

The fishermen living in Trung Luong are repairing their fishing equipments.

The development of coastal fishing villages, thus, requires long-term, sustainable plan to ensure the balance between social-economic factors with the protection of environment and livelihood.

However, according Deputy Head of Rural Development Division Hoang Xuan Binh, each fishing village is an independent entity and it needs specific solutions.

Thousands of villagers depend on the fishery for their livelihood. It is crucial that sustainable solutions need implementing to limit the risks of over-exploitation.


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