Doing environmentally-friendly products gaining consumers’ trust

Many enterprises in the central province of Binh Dinh has gained consumers’ trust by using environmentally-friendly products, as they have realized that more and more people show their support for “green” lifestyle.

Using environmentally-friendly products is a way to lure more guests to the 5 Elements Hostel Quy Nhon & Coffee.

Quy Nhon-located Co.opmart supermarket has replaced nylon bags with banana leaves to wrap vegetables, which was fully welcomed by female consumers.

According to Co.opmart Quy Nhon’s director Nguyen Danh Nhan, its retail stores also stopped selling plastic straws as a way to promote the way of doing “green” business.

The supermarket’s strategy is to gradually change the consumers’ behaviour, promoting the sustainable business, he said.

The 5 Elements Hostel Quy Nhon and Coffee, which is located at Nguyen Nhac street, is another environmentally-friendly business model. Its owner decided to use many wooden products, including spoon and straw, to serve its guests.

The hostel has received as much as positive feedback on social media and travel –dedicated websites.


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