Fishermen enjoy bumper catch

Fishermen in Nhon Hai and Nhon Ly communes have been enjoying a bumper tiny catch at the beginning of the lunar year.

From the 30th day of the lunar year, Nhon Hai’s fishermen have netted a bountiful catch of breed lobster and tiny shrimp. On average, each ship caught 15-20 lobsters and 50-70 kilogram of tiny shrimp. With a selling price of VND190,000-200,000 per lobster and 200,000 per kilogram of tiny shrimp, fishermen could earn a good income.

Nhon Ly’s fishermen have also had a good catch and good fish prices in the first trips after Tet holiday. An average catch per ship was 300-500 kilogram of anchovy and tiny shrimp.

With a selling price of VND 100,000-150,000 per kilogram of anchovy provides a stable income for many local fishermen.

Ngoc Nhuan

Translated by Hong Ha

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