100MW solar-wind power project starts construction

groundbreaking ceremony of a solar and wind power project, invested by Fujiwara Binh Dinh Co. Ltd., was held in Nhon Hoi EZ on April 3.


The groundbreaking ceremony for solar and wind power project in Nhon Hoi EZ on April 3.

The project, which has a total investment of over USD63 million, includes two phases. In the first phase, a 50MW solar power plant will be built and put into operation in 2019.

A 50MW wind power plant is expected to be built in the second phase and finished in 2020.

The project would contribute to promote the national programme on clean energy development, making an icon for tourism, creating more jobs and contributing to the local budget.

This is the third renewable energy plant in Binh Dinh.

Mai Hoang

Translated by Hong Ha

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