Step up investment attraction into Nhon Hoi EZ and other industrial zones

Binh Dinh Provincial Economic Zone Management Board has focusedly invested on infrastructure building at Nhon Hoi Economic Zone and other industrial zones in the province; stepped up investment promotion and administrative procedure reform with aims of attracting big domestic and foreign investors. The efforts lead to positive changes.

Optimistic achievement in 2016

The management board received many domestic and foreign investors-to-be who wanted to invested in the Nhon Hoi EZ and other industrial zones in Binh Dinh in 2016, said Mr. Ngo Van Tong, Deputy Chief of the board. They included Yanmar Engineering Co., Ltd from Japan, Hyundai Corporation, Hitachi Corporation, Vietnam Renewable Energy Development Investment Joint Stock Co., Marubeni Co., Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock Co., Long Son Co., etc. Some companies like VinaCapital from Britain, CJ from South Korea, Jafar from Singapore, FLC Group and Viet Thang Corporation invested large sums of capital into the zones.

Leader of Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee granted investment registration certificate for an enterprise who invested into Industrial sub-zone A in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. Credit: Nguyen Han

The board also accompanied with Becamex IDC Corporation in implementation of investment into VSIP Binh Dinh complex at Canh Vinh commune, Van Canh district over an area of 2,308 hectares. The project was approved by Prime Minister as part of the Nhon Hoi EZ plan. The board is now working with the investor to carry out next steps of preparation for appraisal in 2017.

In 2016, 12 projects in industrial production and tourism with total registered capital of 4,079 billion VND were granted investment permissions in the Nhon Hoi EZ. Out of which, two were FDI projects with registered capital of US$ 52 million. 20 other projects with total capital of 1,906 billion VND were granted investment permissions into Phu Tai Industrial Zone, Long My Industrial Zone and Nhon Hoa Industrial Zone. Total revenue of enterprises at the Nhon Hoi EZ and other industrial zones reached 21,000 billion VND, 15.4% higher than previous year. Export value reached US$240 million. Value of contribution to the province's budget was about 5,000 billion VND. More than 17,000 jobs were created and maintained.

Big projects will be given priority

In 2017, the board sets targets of attracting investment of 6,500 billion VND into the Nhon Hoi EZ and other industrial zones, 8.6% higher than 2016; industrial production value by the enterprises will be 17,230 billion VND; total export turnover will be US$268 million with contribution of more than 500 billion VND to the budget; about 18.000 jobs were created and maintained.

Binh Dinh authorities will keep on its administrative procedure reform to quickly solve problems and create favourable conditions in fields of investment, constructions, land clearance, environment in 2017, says Standing Deputy Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee and Chief of the management board, Mr. Phan Cao Thang.

The board itself will speed up its investment promotion and communication campaign to provide more information to investors via conferences, seminars and other channels; accompany with the investors from the beginning to the end of their investment process to timely solve problems, offer the investors the most favourable conditions; improve transportation infrastructure to attract more big projects with advance technologies; give priority to the big projects with aim of attracting smaller ones.

Nguyen Han

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