Ten thousand people visit Ong Nui pagoda festival

On March 14 (24th in the first month of the lunar calendar), ten thousand tourers from all over the country came Ong Nui (also called Linh Phong) pagoda located in Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district.

This year's festival season falls on Saturday and Sunday so it attracted crowds of visitors.

For this reason, state and local police forces were deployed early to ensure flow of traffic and public safety.

Comparing with the previous years, there wasn't standstill traffic entering the pagoda because the tourers can reach it by both old and new roads behind the pagoda.

The visitors pray before Buddha statue.


For good luck, people take water to wash their faces.


The bridge leading to the Tinh Giac Thien Tri bonze's tomb.


Ten thousand tourers make a pilgrimage to Ong Nui pagoda.


The main entrance into the pagoda.


The new road behind the pagoda.

Van Luu

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