Lo Dieu Rock Reef awaits tourist footprints

Although not as popular as Da Dia Rock Reef or Vung Ro Bay, Lo Dieu Rock Reef in Binh Dinh Province is a great destination for travelers to the central region due to its primitive and splendid scenery.

Peaceful scenery in Lo Dieu

Located in Lo Dieu Hamlet, Hoai My Commune, Hoai Nhon District in Binh Dinh Province, Lo Dieu Wharf was an important spot for Vietnamese revolutionary ships that transported weapons for the province’s Military Base No 5.

The process of formation and nature has turned the rock reefs into strange and weird shapes that can arouse the rich imaginations of tourists. Seen from above, Lo Dieu Beach looks like a giant bow leaning back onto the mountain and facing to the sea with a rice field in the middle. Now Lo Dieu is also famous for the popular Bang Bang sand dunes.

Rock reefs in Lo Dieu Beach are formed into many weird shapes


Coming to Lo Dieu, tourists have to pass through winding trails but will be rewarded by its romantic surroundings. Moreover, during summer, the clear blue water and smooth golden sand will give tourists a place to relax and a chance to indulge in nature and forget daily stresses.

The highlight of the area is Hon Trong (Waiting Rock), a rock in the shape of a woman waiting for her husband who has gone fishing. On the mountain wall facing the sea, tourists will see Ong Temple which is dedicated to worship whales and was used as a hiding-place for weapons in wartime.

Every two years, local fishermen will make rituals and give offerings at the temple to skeletons of whales to pray for a good catch and safety in the sea.

Source: SGT


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