First scientific exploration tour launched in Quy Nhon

A scientific exploration tour called ExploraScience Quy Nhon has just been unveiled in the south-central province of Binh Dinh, marking the first of its kind in Vietnam.

Two children look at a telescope in the Center for Scientific Discovery. Photo: Dung Nhan/Tuo iTre

The experimental tour began its pilot operation in early 2019 which is expected to be completed in 2021, according to Nguyen Van Dung, director of the Binh Dinh Department of Tourism.

The scientific exploration tour has seven showcase rooms with different themes including exploration, learning about the universe, the solar system, the earth and natural resources, and laws of nature. There are 94 scientific models, most of which were created by the experts of ExploraScience Quy Nhon following an exact ratio with real objects. “Among tools of scientific dissemination is a 1.5m-diameter globe simulating the planet that is worth nearly VND3 billion [US$129,690] and imported from Germany," said Hoang Thi Hang, a staff member from the Center for Scientific Discovery in Binh Dinh Province.

“Many phenomena are simulated on the globe’s surface like climate change, volcanoes, earthquakes, and seasons.

"Visitors can interact directly with the globe through its touch screen." Most of the tourists, especially students, showed their joy while listening to the scientific knowledge delivered by the staff at the center. “I find it interesting here," Nguyen Van Thong, a visitor from Ho Chi Minh City, said.

"This is a useful space to discover, especially for children and students, who are both able to play and learn new things.” Currently, ExploraScience Quy Nhơn offers a scientific exploration tour with three sections: paying visits to showcase space, taking part in a scientific show, and playing games indoors and outdoors.

Source: tuoitrenews

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