The haunting beauty of Eo Gio cliffs

Those who are visiting Quy Nhon City in the central province of Binh Dinh must make plans to come to the nearby Eo Gio for a number of reasons.

A tourist is seen on the cliffs leading to the beach in Eo Gio near Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province - Photo: Tran Minh

Firstly, come to listen to the haunting sound of the wind and waves through cliffs and caves and admire some spectacular stone shapes which seem to hold the endless sea in their embrace.

Eo Gio, whose cliffs join together to form an arc, is located in Hung Luong Hamlet, Nhon Ly Commune off Quy Nhon City. People call it Eo Gio or Eo Cua Gio (wind channel) as it is a small channel created from two mountain ranges holding a corner of the sea that looks like the shape of a funnel.

To get to the site, tourists have to pass Thi Nai Bridge to reach Nhon Ly Commune which is about 20 kilometers from Quy Nhon downtown.

The road to Eo Gio looks both beautiful and wild where you can feel the cold sea air on your face as the wind sweeps through your hair and not to forget the white sand dunes spread out on the road. Eo Gio appeals to people’s minds thanks to its high cliffs with their unique shapes of a crocodile or a buffalo looking onto the sea. Local people call them various fun names and you can make up your own.

Eo Gio’s appeal lies in the fact that it has barely been touched by nature. Especially, there’s no tourist service so travelers just have to pay parking fees at nearby households then spend their time enjoying the beauty of primitive rock and beach.

Tourists are advised to climb up to the peak to enjoy the panoramic view of the site and feel the power of the wind and waves from above.

Visitors need to bring their cameras to take some snaps of the colorful stalactites inside the caves. Sometimes tourists will gasp when they are caught unaware by a flock of birds flying out from caves or smile when listening to the birds singing inside the caves.

Source: SGT

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