Cồn Chim boasts great potential for eco-tourism

Located inside the Thi Nai lagoon, Cồn Chim hamlet looks like an oasis boasting the great potential for the eco-tourism development.

Cồn Chim is an oasis located at Thi Nai lagoon

Cồn Chim marine sanctuary is an eco-system where the ecosystems of the mangrove forest and sea-grass beds could be rehabilitated and protected. This area is an ideal place for the development of eco-tourism, sightseeing and research. The surrounding hamlet may become a destination for tourists who are intested in experiencing the life of local residents.

The authorities of Tuy Phuoc district has planned to make Cồn Chim become a community-based tourist site. Its natural beauty will be kept intact, meanwhile the infrastructure and promotion campaigns will be developed by professional services.

The Cồn Chim development scheme is expected to attract many tourism investors and the district’s authorities are collaborating with relevant bodies to offer packages for visitors.

However, many challenges are still ahead as many works are required to be done, including policies, the adjustment of the local livelihood and the maintainance of traditional values.


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