Drone shots raise Binh Dinh beauty to new heights

A series of bird-eye-view photos by Nguyen Tien Trinh, a Vietnamese photographer, capture the peaceful nature of Binh Dinh Province in south-central Vietnam.

Fishermen employ ro cho, a regional-type fishing net on Thi Nai Lagoon. "Binh Dinh's Countryside From Above" was shot by Trinh, a photographer currently living and working in Quy Nhon, a coastal town of Binh Dinh. Thi Nai, full name Thi Li Bi Nai, used to be the commercial port of Vijaya, a city-state in the ancient kingdom of Champa, dating back thousands of years. The large saltwater lagoon, covering over 5,000 hectares and located in the southeast of Binh Dinh, stretches from the extreme north of Tuy Phuoc District to Quy Nhon, connecting to the sea via part of Thi Nai.
Ro cho are supported by four long bamboo poles with a sagging fishing net in the middle shaped like a pan. Fishermen use bamboo sticks to sweep and push trapped fish into the navel and later to one side of the net for later harvest.
A fisherwoman dries her catch in the sun near Thi Nai Bridge, which used to be the country's longest sea crossing stretching 2.5 kilometers, before Hai Phong City's Tan Vu-Lach Huyen Bridge was opened to traffic in September 2017.
Waterlogged house clusters on Thi Nai Lagoon, Phuoc Hoa Commune, Tuy Phuoc District.
The lagoon, including a mangrove forest, boasts a diverse and unique ecosystem. Besides, the region is deemed the green lung of Binh Dinh, providing a livelihood to hundreds of households. "More than 50 percent of the photos I took are from around this lagoon since my house is located nearby and I can't travel far due to work," Trinh said.
A flock of ducks drift about Cat Tan Commune, Phu Cat District.
Storks pass over recently harvested fields in Cat Tan Commune.
Bags of chili stand ready to be spread and dried along the road connecting Cat Hanh and Cat Khanh communes. The dried chili is later sold to factories producing chili sauce.
The ripening paddy fields beside Con River, flowing through Phuoc Thuan Commune, Tuy Phuoc District, are the largest in Binh Dinh Province. Con River, the largest in the province, spans 170 kilometers, empties into Thi Nai Lagoon.

Vast rice paddies in Hoai My Commune, Hoai Nhon District, signify a bumper crop.

Source: VnExpress

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