Unique features in Nhon Ly potential for tourism development

The fact that the community space and special architecture of a fishing village live in harmony is unique features in Nhon Ly, which may attract many tourists to come to experience, according to New Zealand Tourism Research Institute’s director Simon Milne. 

The ancient well Son Binh is located at Ly Huong hamlet

“I have never thought that my hometown became a destination for tourists,” said Nguyen Minh Thanh, a resident in Nhon Ly’s Ly Luong hamlet. “But there are now many eletric vehicles full of visitors running through the village. They met and asked us many things about the place and our lives”.

Like Thanh, other residents in Nhon Ly could not think of how the old well located in their village attracts many visitors on these days. Many experts are now studying the well Son Binh to discover its historical and cultural values. 

A relic in Nhon Ly

Being aware of this, the local residents have talked more about their village, traditional values and festivals. They are always willing to helped strangers to find out any answers for their questions about Nhon Ly. Their friendliness, according to Prof Milne, is an invaluable asset that needs preserving.

Villagers' daily life in Nhon Ly is one of factors making visitors curious.

Deputy Director of Binh Dinh Department of Tourism Le Thi Vinh Huong als confirmed that the community culture in Nhon Ly is one of advantages in the tourism sector, but she stressed that it required a systematic procedure for preservation and development.

The beauty of Nhon Ly may be the mix between its fishing activities and tourism, which attracts those who want to come here and integrate into the locals’ life. The preservation of cutural values and its daily life is the key for the sustainable tourism development.


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