Unique ‘Road through the sea’ attracts tourists in Quy Nhon

These days, visitors to Hon Kho Islet, Nhon Hai Commune (Quy Nhon City) are enchanted to discover the unique "road through the sea", snorkeling and watching the cooling coral, dispelling the summer sun.

The mountain range is curving around like a strong wall, creating a beautiful "crescent moon" for Nhon Hai commune. Islet Hon Kho is one of 32 islands located near the coast of Binh Dinh Province, about 16 km from the center of City in Hai Dong village, Nhon Hai commune.

Islet Hon Kho possesses a majestic, unspoiled natural landscape and a unique "trans-sea road" of over 500 meters. From Quy Nhon center, visitors can ride a motorbike or drive a car through Thi Nai Bridge, cross Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, along Mai Huong Bay, and then pass a pass through a mountain pass to Nhon Hai fishing village.

Every time the tide recedes, rocky cliffs rise from the water, opening up the exciting "sea passage" here. From the fishing village, tourists can take a boat or canoe which takes about 10 minutes to reach the island of Hon Kho.

Nguyen Thi Ha (Hanoi) said that unlike many places, Nhon Hai waters are clear and strange jade green. "When the tide recedes, a stone shack mixed with sandy beaches runs hundreds of meters, creating a wonderful landscape in the middle of the sea. When we first arrived here, we were especially impressed with the amazing nature of this fishing village. "she shared.

Tourists enjoy conquering "the road through the sea". According to the leader of Nhon Hai commune, for a long time, the road through the sea has appeared at Hon Kho islet, but due to this unspoiled area, there has been little development. In recent years, island has thrived, this "middle sea road" has become famous thanks to young people and visitors taking photos, filming introduction, sharing on social networking sites.
Every year, around March to September, the waves here are quiet and peaceful. It is also an ideal time for visitors to visit scuba diving, discover this beautiful "road through the sea".

When the tide rises, tourists enjoy playing with water waves with surfing motorbikes and rubber boats in this sea.

In addition to the blue sea and fine white sand on the beautiful beaches, visitors are also impressed with the beautiful coral reef along the stone wall.

Coral populations in diverse areas, colorful and colorful. Guests can let go of the clear blue water to explore.

After delighting in swimming, snorkeling and watching coral, visitors can go to the cage to rest and experience the delicious seafood dishes caught by the local people. Her breasts, crabs, crabs, sea urchins ... or grilled fish are deliciously recommended dishes here.

Source: Zing.vn

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