Recommended: One-day tour to Cu Lao Xanh

It usually takes 30 minutes to travel from Quy Nhon City to Cu Lao Xanh island located at Nhon Chau commune.

Tourists are able to enjoy different activities on Cu Lao Xanh island.

Upon arriving at the island, tourists are recommended to book an electric vehicle to travel around this place in about 45 minutes. With the price of 400,000 VND (17 USD) per round, it is cheaper for visitors to travel in a group of 5-10 people.

The next suggested destination is Cu Lao Xanh light house which offer the entrance fee of 20,000 VND per person. 

After a lunch with fresh seafood, tourists may go to Cu Lao Xanh camping site to enjoy different activities.

Many local tour operators are offering the one-day package with the price of 700,000 VND.

Thu Diu 

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