Stunning beauty of Quy Nhon from height

The fishing villages and islands in Quy Nhon city in the south central province of Binh Dinh have enthralled visitors thanks to their natural scenery and crystal blue water.

Quy Nhon city boasts beautiful islands, which provides visitors with opportunities to bathing as well as scuba diving to admire coral reef. Nhon Hai fishing village possesses one of the most beautiful beaches here, which is about 20km away from the city centre.

Nhon Hai offers a variety of services to visitors such as restaurants, homestays and hostels. Foreigners tend to stay for long to enjoy the air and explore local life

Hon Kho island is a famous tourist attraction in Nhon Hai. It takes visitors about five minutes to get to by canoes. A tour to Hon Kho island is priced at VND180,000 each

There is also Nhon Ly, which is another fishing village in Quy Nhon. It is famous for Eo Gio strait and winding road along the mountain. Visitors can take walks as well as enjoying sunrise and unique reef here.

Nhon Ly FLC resort

Visitors must go cross  the Thi Nai bridge to arrive at both Nhon Ly and Nhon Hai

Quy Nhon city from Vung Chua mountain. It is considered the best place to enjoy landscape of the city from a high view

Bai Bang beach

Source: VOV/VnExpress

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