Enjoy peaceful atmostphere at Thien Hung Pagoda

The pagoda is surrounded by green trees that bring peaceful and quiet atmostphere for visitors.


Thien Hung pagoda is located along National Highway No.1A, Nhon Hung Ward, An Nhon Town, Binh Dinh Provice. It attracts numerous tourists and pilgrims visiting thanks to its green space that is covered by trees.
The pagoda was built with a modern style and Sakyamuni Buddha’s relics stored inside attracts a large number of visitors.
The pagoda is surrounded by moats which brings fresh air. A rustic bamboo bridge crossing moats become favorite spot for visitors to take photographs.
An aerial view of the King's Garden offers a beautiful scenery bringing comfortable feeling when taking a walk.
A twelve-floor bell tower locating next to hundred-year-old trees attracts visitors most.
The pagoda is divided into several areas. Each area has roof-tiled shelter for resting. Moats surrounded the pagoga are covered with lotus during the lotus season.
Visitors can have a free vegetarial lunch at the pagoda.

Ngoi Sao.net

Translated by Hong Ha

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