[IN PICTURES] Binh Dinh tourism booms during Tet

More than 200,000 tourists were estimated to visit Binh Dinh during the past Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.

Many local popular destinations, such as FLC Quy Nhon resort complex, Trung Luong outdoor camping site and Ham Ho tourist site, welcomes scores of visitors.

A large number of people also flocked to see unique festivals taking place after the holiday.

Below are some photos of the tourism activities in Binh Dinh during Tet:

The Quang Trung Museum was filled with thousands of people.
Visiting the Linh Phong complex.
A boat racing festival took place in Go Boi.
Tourists enjoy the landscape at Trung Luong beach.
Visitors travel by boats at Ham Ho tourist site.
Enjoying the sun at Hon Kho.

Binh Dinh’s reporters and freelancers

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