Spectacular Ham Ho worth a visit


In the scorching sun of Binh Dinh Province, we had a great idea to visit a nice and cool place with a river, mountain, green trees and rustic food. Ham Ho became our first choice since this popular destination had everything we needed.


Tourists enjoy taking photos of Ham Ho in Binh Dinh Province - Photo: Phuong Thao

From Phu Cat Airport, we reached Ham Ho tourist attraction on a beautiful sunny day. Located in Phu Lam village, Tay Son District, Ham Ho is around 50 kilometers from Quy Nhon City and it boasts a must-see place in the central province.

From the center area, each group of six or seven tourists had to take a small boat to reach Ham Ho through a narrow canal. At first, we were tottering because it was rather hard for the boatman to steer the junk to the right track.

Situated in the heart of the Kut River, Ham Ho is a section stretching over three kilometers with green and limpid water surrounded by mighty mountains. This spectacular view of Ham Ho dispelled our sunstroke and refreshed us after the long trip. There are many big rocks on this pond, giving us time to relax and take photos and guess the shapes of the rocks.

Visitors have to spend at least one day to explore all the destinations at Ham Ho. Ham Ho dam, Hon Bong and Hon Chuong are perfect places to watch the poetic view of the tourist attract and take photos. Groups of friends can also gather here for fishing or down time while young and adventurous people can go swimming or kayaking. A life jacket, hammock and kayak leasing service is available with charges from VND15,000-100,000. Rustic specialties of Binh Dinh are also served at small restaurants.

The small boat took us back to the central area after lunch but this time, we were no longer afraid of the tottering boat. Rows of green trees along the canal made us feel peaceful like we were traveling on waterways in the Mekong Delta.

As the baking sun in the central region at this time may hurt your skin, remember to bring umbrellas and hats on your trip. For safety, tourists are also advised not to put their hands outside the boat. Also, don’t forget to tip the boatmen after finishing the journey.


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