Action star Johnny Tri Nguyen visits Binh Dinh martial arts clubs

Action star and martial arts master Johnny Tri Nguyen and vice chairman of Vietnam Traditional Martial Arts Federation Pham Dinh Phong on January 15 visited some martial arts clubs in Binh Dinh.


Johnny Tri Nguyen (second from right) presents a gift to the head of Long Phuoc Pagoda traditional martial arts sec Thich Hanh Hoa. Photo courtesy of Hoang Trong/TNO

Local martial arts clubs which were their destinations include Ho Sung, Phan Tho, Ly Xuan Hy, Le Xuan Canh, and Long Phuoc pagoda.


Johnny Tri Nguyen and Le Xuan Canh martial arts club’s practitioners. Photo courtesy of Hoang Trong/TNO

Johnny Tri Nguyen is the founder of Lien Phong martial arts training centre located in Ho Chi Minh City.

During the visit, martial arts practitioners at Lien Phong center had a chance to experience traditional martial arts techniques performed by local practitioners.


Long Phuoc Pagoda’s practitioners perform martial arts techniques. Photo courtesy of Hoang Trong/TNO

Martial arts master Pham Dinh Phong also presented books entitled “History of Vietnamese martial arts” to the clubs.


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