“Green library” comes to kids in remote areas

Under the “Green Library” project, a group of 50 volunteers in Quy Nhon have brought free books to children living in far and remote areas since June.

A "reading room" in Vinh Son commune.

The group planned to open at least one reading room in each district and provide about 300 books for children.

In communes of Nhon Chau and Vinh Son, where they already opened two reading rooms at the libraries of local primary schools, there are also other extra activities held, including wall drawing, folk games and decoration, to attract more kids to come.

“We did a quick survey about kids’ hobbies to add more books for them,” said Thai Ngoc Sang, a member of the group. “They initially prefered comic books, but they would be guided to read other types of book later”.

Under the project, children were also instructed to recycle used items for the purpose of environment protection. 

According to Sang, the members of the group have come back once in several months to talk to children and change the books. She hoped that the children will soon form a habit of reading book thanks to such an idea.


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