Artist Hoang Viet moving forwards with classical drama

As an artists specializing in bài chòifolk singing, Hoang Viet is also able to perform hát bội or tuồng(Vietnamese classical drama). His own live show entitled “Hoang Viet and Binh Dinh’s classcial drama” took place on August 24.

Artist Hoang Viet (middle) is preparing for an extract of a play with his colleagues.

“After the first individual live show ofbài chòiin 2017, I was encouraged to organize another show of classcial drama,” Viet said. “Besides the aspiration, I also contributed to attract more people to enjoy this type of traditional arts”.

Born at the cradle of classical drama in An Nhon district, Viet was inspired by the traditional folk singing since he was a child. He chose his career path as an dancer, actor and eventually became a member of Dao Tan Tuồng Theatre.

Despite his busy schedule, Viet has always spent time writing scripts and performing classical drama.

“He has supported us a lot in the past 20 years,” said head of Tran Quang Dieu troupe Phan Ngoc Ban. “Many of our plays were greatly valued thanks to his contribution”.


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