Quintessence of Vietnam’s martial arts ends with good impression

The 2nd international festival of the quintessence of Vietnamese traditional martial arts August 10 ended, leaving many good impressions for the audience.

Many participants shown their interest in the categories of the event.

After 3 days of competing, Binh Dinh’s squad got 4 gold medals, 2 silvers and 1 bronze. Meanwhile, foreign competitors also shown their improvement by achieving many medals. However, the perfomances with techniques and traditional weapons saw most of the domestic and foreign participants. A total of 937 martial arts practitioners showed their skills under different categories of performance.

Binh Dinh’s athele Nguyen Gia Thuc (red) is fighting against a foreign competitor in the final fight.

The audience couldn’t hide their excitement as they enjoyed the competition among domestic and foreign competitors for the first time. Ait Quarabi Arab, a member of Algeria-based Vietnam federation of martial arts, said that he learnt a lot after the competitions against local athletes.

A Russia – based Tinh Hoa Vo Dao school’s practitioner is performing techiques with short weapon.

The medal – awarding ceremony.

According to martial arts master Tran Duy Linh, the quality of the participants was also improved, proving that the teams have given much more attention to their practice.


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