Coming to Ong Nui Pagoda Festival, seeing biggest sitting Buddha statue in SEA

Thousands of visitors February 28 flocked to Ong Nui (also called Linh Phong) pagoda to attend its annual festival, taking place on the 24th and 25th day of the first lunar month.

The 300-year-old pagoda was recognized as the cultural historical relic of national magnitude.

In 2017, a Buddha statue, which is said to be the biggest sitting Buddha statue in SouthEast Asia, was inaugurated nearby. The statue, which is 69 meters high, is one of reasons attracted scores of visitors to this year’s festival.

Visitors are praying in front of a Buddha statue inside the pagoda.
People are crossing a bridge to visit the tomb of Buddha.
Most of the visitors came to see the huge sitting Buddha statue.

Van Luu

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