Phu Gia conical hat - a part of Tay Son’s army

Like Bac Ninh province, the cradle of Quan Ho folk singing”, possessing “quai thao” (also called “ba tam”) palm hat and “bai tho” (poem) conical hat, Binh Dinh’s typical conical hat was made in Phu Gia hamlet, which is seen as a part of soldiers under the Tay Son dynasty dating back 300 years.

Phu Gia hamlet was launched more than 300 years ago. Its traditional product is also called Phu Gia “horse” conical hat, as it was often worn by a horseman. 

The 300-year-old conical hat has been kept intact. The hat on which special characters and patterns were carved was used by a senior mandarin.
Depending on different pattern on each hat, people would be able to know ranks of local officials in the old days.
The artistan Do Van Lan has a huge conical hat.
Do Van Lan said that 4 generations of his clan have made conical hats.
Phu Cat conical hat is now a unique handicraft product which requires the carefullness in making tiny patterns.

Phu Gia hamlet was recognized by Binh Dinh People’s Committee as a traditional craft village. It also won the title of Vietnam’s typical craft village.

Source: VTC

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