Nguyen Sinh Sac’s 88th death anniversary commemorated

A commemoration ceremony to mark the 88th death anniversary of Nguyen Sinh Sac, late President Ho Chi Minh's father, was held on December 14 at Quang Trung Museum.

At the ceremony, his life and career were recalled.

Nguyen Sinh Sac (1862-1929) was an integrity mandarin for the Nguyen Dynasty for a short time and always protected benefits for the poor.

Late President Ho Chi Minh, known as Nguyen Tat Thanh in his youth, visited him on the journey to seek a way to save the country, when his father was the mandarin in Binh Khe (Binh Dinh province).

Nguyen Sinh Sac passed away in Dong Thap.

After the ceremony, an incense-offering ceremony took place to pay tribute to him.


Translated by Hong Ha

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