Binh Dinh conducts survey of tourism resources of Van Canh

A delegation of the provincial Department of Tourism on the March 16 conducted a survey and evaluation of tourism resources in Van Canh district, then having a meeting with Van Canh district authorities to discuss about the district's planning and tourism development tasks in the coming time.

The delegation of the provincial Department of Tourism surveys at Doi Da Hue Historic Site.

After examining relics and landscapes in the district such as Ca Te Rock Stream, Ka Xiem Stream, Ha Van Tren Cultural Village, Doi Da Hue Historic Site, Muc Thinh Railway Station, Phuong Stream… the delegation assessed that Van Canh, which is located less than 40 km from Quy Nhon city and has a plenteous natural resources and cultures, has a huge potential for tourism development, contributing to the district's socio-economic development.

At the meeting, the district's leaders affirmed that they will develop tourism development planning. Firstly, the provincial Department of Tourism will build a project for community tourism development in Ha Van Tren village, including house on stilts, communal houses, brocade textile facilities, experience the life of Bana ethnic minority community in here. Then, the Department will continuously expand community tourism development at a Cham ethnic community and calls for investment in developing infrastructure, tourism products and services in the district.

Nguyen Vu

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