Ha Ra - vestige of an old trading port

Binh Dinh used to be famous with old trading ports dating back from Champa kingdom to later centuries. Typical ports included Ha Ra (at Phu My district), Nuoc Man (at Tuy Phuoc district) and Thi Nai (at Quy Nhon City).

Ha Ra played a relatively important role. Archaeological excavations find a lot of objects, including collections of coins and pottery. They are evidences of trading activities among various regions through time.

Ancient coins discovered at vestige of Ha Ra old trading port

Some collections of coins are from Chinese dynasties - Tang Dynasty with Kai Yuan Tong Bao coin, Song Dynasty with Song Yan Tong Bao coin and Jing De Yuan Bao coin dating back from 10th to 13th centuries. Other collections of coins are from Vietnamese feudal dynasties - Gia Long Tong Bao coin, Minh Mang Tong Bao coin dating back from the 19th century. In addition, pottery objects like bowls, plates, vases, jars from Champa cultures and Chinese culture are also discovered at Ha Ra vestige.

Existence of the ancient coins from Chinese dynasties shows that local people of the Champa kingdom and Chinese people did business with each other long ago, and the trade kept on till the 19th century, under Nguyen Dynasties.

Existence and operation of the ancient ports in Binh Dinh in particular and in central region of Vietnam are evidences of commercial development in the land in the history.

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