Coach drivers practise traditional martial arts

A group of drivers and their assistants, who are currently working for a transport company, have joined a martial arts training course opened at the Quy Nhon stadium for the past 4 months.


Son Tung Transport Company’s employees are practising a martial arts technique.

Tran Son Tung, who is the director of Son Tung Transport Company, suggested them participate in such a course after he saw many benefits from practising martial arts.

“I’m interested in traditional martial arts, but I was too busy to learn it,” he said. “I have recently practised martial arts because my business has operated smoothly and I have much more free time.”

According to their trainer Le Ngoc Trai, most of the practitioners mastered basic techniques and their physical strength has also been improved.

Tung said that he wanted his employees to pratise martial arts for not only self-defence but passenger protection.

“They are drivers for long-haul coaches, thus it is not rare for them to face some problems on travelling,” he added.

His worst experience also came from a burglary happening at his house. He wondered what happened if he woke up at that time and was attacked.

“I’m now more confident after 4 months of practising martial arts,” he said.

Martial arts master Bui Trung Hieu sees this as a positive sign of popularizing Binh Dinh’s traditional martial arts.

“Preserving traditional martial arts through human beings is an effective way,” Hieu said. “I always encourage more people to practise martial arts.”

Le Cuong

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