Quy Nhon requires expansion for further development

A scientific conference on the expansion of Quy Nhon City was held in the city yesterday, seeing three sceranios for its development in the future.



The event focused on the city and its vicinity’s orientation for planning and construction by 2035 with a vision until 2050.

Under the plan, Quy Nhon is expected to become one of hubs of the coastal central region by 2025 and one of national centres for sea economy by 2035.

The local authorities also stated that the city will play an important role in the urban systems of Vietnam and Southeast Asia region in 2050.

Speaking at the conference, provincial Chairman Le Huu Loc stressed that Quy Nhon possesses a strategic position in Binh Dinh Province’s plan for socio-economic development and national security. The previous city planning thus now requires the adjustment to serve its further development.

The participating delegates discussed different views. Among them, France-based Arep Ville consultancy presented three sceranios.

The first sceranio sees a total change for the city, bringing Quy Nhon to a new height with the focus on the oil refinery, while the second one called “Sea and trade – development in harmony” highlights the sea-related factors, particularly seaport services and tourism.

With the last sceranio, the city is designed to develop in a balanced position, in which the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone will still go ahead as planned and the focus will be given to seaport and light industry.


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