Binh Dinh determines to prevents pandemic, recover economy

Binh Dinh’s Chairman Ho Quoc Dung asked local bodies to make all-out efforts to complete the “dual tasks” of preventing the pandemic Covid-19 and recovering the economy, during the video meeting with the local authorities on June 24.

Binh Dinh's Chairman Ho Quoc Dung (standing) is talking at the conference.

While many provinces have faced the negative effect of Covid-19 on their GRDP, Binh Dinh’s growth rate is still in the first position among 5 provinces in the Central Key Economic Region, according to the Director of the province’s Statistics Department Nguyen Thi My.

Chairman Dung said that the whole province must strive to reach the GRDP growth rate of 4.7 percent this year.

According to Vietnam News Agency, the tax department in Binh Dinh province has introduced a number of solutions to help enterprises overcome the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including tax reductions and payment extensions.

A report from the tax department states that, there are over 15,200 enterprises in the locality deemed to have been impacted by COVID-19, with stagnant business operations restricting their ability to pay taxes on time. The department has reevaluated matters and arranged for 97% of enterprises to be given a tax break and tax payment extension up to 25 million USD. The sector has also deployed specific tax support measures for enterprises.

The tax department in Binh Dinh is now cooperating with other ministries and agencies to support enterprises and taxpayers in accessing the support package, so the province can bounce back once the COVID-19 pandemic has been fully eradicated.


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